MARCH 6, 2012 

TODAY THE FARM WAS RADIANT! We had a warm welcome back, the sunflowers we planted in November were blooming! 

Here is a story of our day at school: 

As we began our morning weeding we found a dead garden gopher that still had a big leaf in his teeth, After much deliberation(including a visit to the farmer's office) we came to the conclusion that we must bury him. We finished putting the last flowers on his grave as his honoring and went back to weeding, only to stumble on the next problem to be solved! 

Ari came across a stubborn kale plant that had roots deep and did not want to let go, so he called for help. 
"Maja, Maja, come and help me pull the kale plant!"  Maja was pulling grass in the far field and came to help. It wouldn't budge.
Maja called out, "Finbar, Finbar come and help us pull the kale plant!" Finbar was walking the fence and stopped to come help. It wouldn't budge.
Finbar called out, "Sean, Sean come and help us pull the kale plant!" Sean was climbing sister mulberry and came down to help. It wouldn't budge. 
Sean called out, "Finn, Finn come and help us pull the kale plant!" Finn was munching on some cabbage leaves and stopped to come help. It wouldn't budge. 
PULL, PULL, PULL, PULL!!!  But, It wouldn't budge. 

"Let's have a closer look at this thing. It is really stuck!" 
Sean and Ari investigated closer and pulled some more. 
It wouldn't budge! 

Sean went along to water other plants, when Finbar and Finn arrived on the scene to try again. 
All three boys decided to pull on the plant at the same time, as a matter of fact, they were using 6 hands on this one kale plant. 
They pulled hard, They pulled strong, they didn't give up until....

                  POP! It finally came out!!

                 THUD! Everyone hit the ground with victory!  

It was a hard day of work in the've got to be tough to be a farmer!